Let The Games Begin

It is evident that our existing model of reality is creaky in the face of remembering and working with the Interactive Simulation Program ( ISP).

Change the Game

Creating a New Reality

The program is run by our thoughts, emotions. We are the producers of the circulation of the program with a bit of help from the TEGs. As long as we are connected to the program, the program runs collectively


Getting to Know the ISP

Our universe is just one out of many where Souls can explore existence, transform energy & develop consciousness.

What is Unfolding in Our Reality?

So Where IS the Universe?

We are part of the ISP on an Energetic, Emotional & Mental level, in total what we call a human being, & we constantly recreating it by being part of it.

     In the beginning, there was the code. What does this famous statement actually mean?

It simply points to the fact that codes:  words & numbers created the ISP ( Interactive Simulation Program)  / Matrix Program!


    The idea that life is not “real,” in the way we understand it as human beings, is not new. In fact, it’s very, very old - at least as old as the ancient Greeks. Plato was just one of the philosophers who argued that our reality was at least somewhat illusory, and while most of us are now familiar with some variant of the concept through movies like The Truman Show or The Matrix, it’s a topic that has persisted in philosophical circles throughout modern history, and even has scientific support in fields like quantum mechanics.

    People like David Icke, the writer of many books, including The Biggest Secret and the latest, Children of the Matrix,  aims to show how the same interbreeding bloodlines going back to ancient Sumer and Egypt control the positions of power to this day as royalty, US presidents, banking and business leaders.


    Just like a computer program can be written to behave in a certain way, or how virtual reality is experienced within a video game, so can reality be installed, implemented and broadcasted via specific frequencies from a macrocosmic transmitter, which affects everything micro-cosmically, within its scope.

    In our solar system, the sun is the main transformer that “sprays” this reality out in the form of light for us to behold.

     Unfortunately, we also have a few bodies within the solar system such as our moon and, arguably, Saturn that has hacked the light/frequency of the original blueprint from the sun, which is causing us to mistaken the matrix for the true reality.

     We have learned  that in 2003, a Swedish philosopher named Nick Bostrom came up with  " The Simulation Argument” which stipulated that one of the following three statements must be true:

1. Civilizations do not reach a “posthuman” stage where they are capable of rendering “ancestor-simulations” using computer power.

2. Civilizations do reach this stage, but, for whatever reason (ethics? superior intelligence that leads to disinterest?), have no interest in running ancestor-simulations.

3. There is an extremely high probability that we are living in a simulation.


“If there were a substantial chance that our civilization will ever get to the post-human stage

and run many ancestor-simulations,

then how come you are not living in such a simulation?”


     Bostrom argues that: If civilization can reach that simulation-producing post-human stage - and it’s a big “if,” for Bostrom - it’s far less likely that we’re the one original biological civilization than it is that we’re one of the million/billion/trillion/kazillion simulations.

     Let’s assume for a moment that Bostrom’s theory is correct and that we’re living in the third scenario he postulates, where simulation is not just a possibility, but an overwhelming likelihood . . . then . . .


☛   Would it change the way you live?


☛   Would it change the way you "see" and look at Reality?


☛    Would we take life so seriously?


☛    If we were in a simulation... Will we KNOW it?


Truth is... that is that If we ARE Living in a Simulation Program . . . I’d prefer to learn the truth NOW.


We are the Children of the matrix. We are born into a world controlled by unseen forces that have plagued and manipulated humanity for thousands of years. We are in fact living in a Virtual reality Simulated world.


SO what is " Real" . . ?


If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see,

then 'real' is simply electrical signals

interpreted by your brain.

~ Morpheus ~




Bibliography & References


Brief Excerpts from The Interactive Simulation Program

~ by Randi Green ~



-  Our Solar System is composed of multiple factors called holographic animated segments. Our Reality is per se artificial.

-  Planet earth is reconstructed of an older one.  Our Reality Field is partly real & partly reconstructed.


-  Humans need to restore the code layer, cause that is the one that has been manipulated and destroyed. A lot of experiments have been to our code layer as well as our particle form from opposing segments. They hold technologies that literally control every birth, the code layer & the genetic composition of the form.


-  Food, water & air are the polluting agents that keep us asleep. To "wake-up" we need to recode all your ingest.


-  The main goal of the ISP is to bridge the vital energy units with the non-vital energy units of the 3rd worlds, as an attempt to revive them - aka the revivification process.  The bridging point of the non-vital units is where the shades of green and purple turn into the blue flame. .i.e. the transmutation point. . . . slowly turning the color spectrum into vital energy units, also known as Flame Codes or Light Language.

 -  Most of the Original Operating Vessels (OPV's)  have been dismantled and turned into the current version of the Original OPV and this version cannot access the Flame Codes and cannot complete the transmutation.


-   The only way to detach the operator from the OPV is if the upper template, the projection field, is fully activated & integrated into the OPV making the full transformation of the particle level. 


- The Sirians are the ones behind the so-called "Guardian Alliances", the "Ascended Masters", etc.

These are all Projects/ software they installed into the ISP, to try and let humanity evolve into what they want us to become. Specific the Arian Shevas. These are all the Syrian B Races trying to revive the Syrian B Atlantean Genetics. They were the ones who suppressed the 6D Human Genetics, the Original Genetics that used linked us directly to our Original Source.

Correction: The Music was composed by Hans Zimmer and vocals are by Lisa Gerrard.

 Visuals: Final Fantasy

The Internal Strife 

  • An Internal Strife separated the Holographic Metaverse into 2 Different factions of Soul Races

    • The Original Soul Races

    • The Less Progressive Races


  • Without going into to much detail... the Internal Strife was about a dispute about what to do with certain factions of Soul Races that were not able to keep up with the Progression Dynamics of their Reality Field ( Still a problem today with our Soul Groups . . !!! )

  • There were Soul Groups that were in the risk zone of being pulled back into Less Progressive Soul Cycles because some of the souls simply did not progress fast enough... this would harm ALL other Soul Races in that Soul Cycle !!  The Soul Races which were no being able to meet the requirements of the next Sul Cycle ( they could to match the new light codings ) would be pulled back  . .

  • So ONE FACTION of the Meta-Councils advocated the need to put a HOLD on the Evolutionary progress of the Soul Races to the next Soul Cycle.  . . until all the Races of the Soul Cycle could move forward.

  • The OTHER FACTION was more in favour of letting the natural progression continue and then balance the remaining Soul Races AFTERWARDS with the help of Technology Enhanced Genetics.

  • It’s Important to Understand that EVERYTHING is connected to SOUL GENETICS . . . !


  • SO lots of experimentation were done to enhance the Genetics of the lower level Races so they may progress with the rest.

  • These experiments however FAILED, and the outcome was a GREAT POLITICAL CONFLICTS & DIVISION.

Our planet, i.e. under the timeline collective, holds around 7 and a half billion people. Souls from different sectors are integrated into most of these 7 and a half billion human counterparts outliving the different agendas. 


The Allocation of Souls


1.     30% Clones (ca. 2.1 billion people) 

The Clones 

     The human form can easily function without a higher principle, or soul attached to them.

30% of humans on our planet are clones. This means that they only have a chakra system pre-programming them to

function in our reality as “humans”. 


2.    15%   Astral Souls (ca. 1.05 billion people) 


3.     15%   Dormant Stellar LOES (ca. 1.05 billion people) 


4.     10%   Activated LPRF2 Stellar LOES (ca. 0.7 billion people) 


5.     20%  Planetary not fully activated LPRF1 PES (ca. 1.4 billion people) 


6.     10%   Hybrid Souls (ca. 0.7 billion people) 


7.     A tiny amount of Mission Souls (in the thousands, nothing more) 



       En-Souled Humans comprise approximately half of the human population; the other half mostly consists of Organic Portals .


Here we define “soul” as the core of individualized consciousness that remains intact between successive incarnations. 

     Due to genetic mixing, Organic Portals exist among all known races today, though with unequal distribution among them. While souled humans have a divine spark of consciousness that gives them the ability of individual self-awareness, OPs lack this divine spark and are only dimly conscious in comparison. They belong to an "Borg -like"  Soul Group - that exists, evolves, and incarnates collectively rather than individually.


     While each En-Souled human has relatively unique energy shaped by that person’s awareness, experience, and essence, the energy that animates one OP is the same animating any other.

Physically, it is almost impossible to distinguish between EnSouled Humans & Organic Portals.


     OP's tend to be more attractive and well proportioned ( think for example of some of the "Hollywood Celebrities). Because they exist on an emotionally primal level, natural selection has ensured that sexuality, physicality, and attractiveness play a large part in their physical evolution.


     Also, unlike souled humans, OP ( Organic Portals)  bodies are conceived and develop independently of Soul Group pressures or karmic burdens, so they are as attractive as probability allows within the constraint of environmental and genetic parameters.

     En-Souled humans tend to marry or reproduce for reasons other than just physical attraction, so the lowering of priority of physicality reflects in their offspring.   Organic portals are human chameleons.  When activated to reel in a En-Souled person for manipulation, they adjust themselves based on the Soul's profile & behavior of their target : intellectual calculation, & Soul emulation.


     Most OP's are just background characters within the ISP - with seemingly independent personalities, but occasionally they may become “activated”. When activated, they use their emulation & calculation abilities to the fullest to get what they want or are assigned to do.  Their hive behavior is due mostly to their interface with the ISP/ Matrix. The ability to mirror is an OP’s greatest asset. But they are only capable of acting or thinking within the realm of the Matrix. They serve  as distractions & A-influences within the ISP/ Matrix.   Organic portals are masters within the realm of A-influences. They can think, say, and act within this realm with perfection.


They pressure EnSouled Humans in the Matrix to:

  • Act from lower energy centres ( especially the sexual energy centre), instead of from the Heart & Head Energy Fields

  • Watch TV, movies, be entertained by them as the " role models" for society !

  • the drive to pursue money and power...


     At present, the Matrix takes a large share of harvesting. The 50/50 ratio between OP's and En-Souled humans on Earth is NOT the optimal ratio for maximum energy transfer between densities.   Organic portals are mere feeding tube extensions of their group soul, and exist primarily to collect energy for that group soul. But they do have a very Important Role to Play within the Matrix . . . Organic portals form the backbone of the Matrix’s social control infrastructure. They are what keeps society running in a state of preoccupation with the mundane. From cradle to grave, En-Souled humans are pressured to stay with the status quo and not ask dangerous questions.


Those who try to wake up are targeted by the Matrix to be put back to sleep.


      OP's are simply the workhorses of the Matrix.  When placed close to us, their primary function is to keep us oppressed & distracted so EN-Souled Humans do not notice or pursue higher Evolution of their Genetics & Consciousness.  Such personal Oragic Portal Agents are the greatest source of energy drain we as En-Souled Humans may encounter. If one spends too much time (many years) with an organic portal as a spouse or lover, one’s energy can be drained almost beyond recovery. 


It is therefore important to know about Matrix agents, their methods, characteristics, and how to counteract their influence.


Without such knowledge, souled humans make the false assumption that everyone else is like them, which puts them at a significant disadvantage by underestimating potential agents placed into their lives or misunderstanding their motives.

The Stellar Genetics

1.   Insectoid Genetics

- cultivate the ability to work with the energy units in the gridworks.

2.   Avian Genetics

- foster the ability to do energy work such as handling the energies of a sub-field or timeline by inserting genetic resonance programs. 


3.   Reptoid Genetics

- give the ability to work with genetics, the energy system, the organic form and creation of life forms in a new gridwork. 


4.    Mammal Genetics

-    give the ability to unfold capacities of political, societal, economic and similar community structures and are often found in the council members of the stellar communities.


5.    1st Universe Soul Genetics

-    had the ability to self-heal and were used to restore the infected and regressed LPU genetics back to their original setting in the ancient programs. 


6.    Stellar TEGs 

-    Technologically enhanced genetics 

Brief Excerpts from The Interactive Simulation Program

~ by Randi Green ~


-     The Fully regressed races were the humanoids, which took control of our reality field as well as enslaving lesser regressed races in the systems in the Less Progressive Universe (LPU).



Stellar Races & The Regressed Stellar Races

-     The Stellar Races were 1st brought to our Less Progressive Universe by the Progenitors from the 1st Universe, as an attempt to give the delayed soul groups and their genetics a 2nd chance to evolve to the next evolutionary Soul Cycle.

-     In the Less Progressive Universe, they were given artificial enhancements to reach the upright form ( 2 legged, upright walking ) of the 5th evolutionary cycle.



Less Progressive Universe Genetics

-     The LPU Genetics are divided into 4 Racial types:

1.   Insectoid

2.   The Avian Races

3.   The Reptoid / Reptilian Races

4.   Lower Level Mammal


-     When The Timeline events happened, it altered the Reality fields of our Universe, changing the genetics of the regressed races and turned them back into their "animal-like" state...  changing these races into a type of animal

-     So the Organic form of the Stellar Genetics is called humanoid - because of their consciousness & body features.



Old Regressed Races

-     The Stellar Races have for eons been controlled by the Draco-reptilians.

-     The modern system is in the process of merging with the Crystalline Races & other forms of the Sirian B Races . . . creating a new Stellar Race.

-     In the hierarchy of power, the Draco-Reptillian overlords rule, with the Archon infected genetics.

-     Under the overlords, we find the warlords. The Draco-Reptillian warlords are collaborating with the crystalline Sirian B & Aryan-Shivas to fully upgrade with the Sirian B genetics.

-    The warlords are of reptilian origin and they have Draco-reptilian TEG's added to their genetics. They follow the orders from the overlords.

-     The landowners/landlords ( lizard lineage: combination of avian - reptilian genetics) collaborated with the overlords to look after the possessions of the overlords.



  •     When The Timeline events happened, it altered our Reality fields, changing the genetics of the regressed races and turned them back into their "animal-like" state...  So these Races Regressed back into a type of animal form: . .  The Reptilians, Draconians, Insectoids, The Avian Races.

  •   These Fully Regressed Races took control of our reality field as well as enslaving lesser regressed races in our Reality Field.


-     The Regressed Stellar Races have for eons been controlled by the Draco-reptilians in Our Reality Field

-     The modern Reality system is in the process of merging with the Crystalline Races  ( Sirian B ) & other forms of the Sirian B Races . . . with the purpose of creating a new Stellar Race.

-     In the hierarchy of power, the Draco-Reptillian overlords rule, with their Archon infected genetics.

-     Under the overlords, we find the warlords. The Draco-Reptillian warlords are collaborating with the crystalline Sirian B & Aryan-Shivas to fully upgrade with the Sirian B genetics.


-    The warlords are of reptilian origin and they have Draco-reptilian TEG's added to their genetics. They follow the orders from the overlords.

  •     The landowners/landlords ( lizard lineage: combination of avian - reptilian genetics) collaborated with the overlords to look after the possessions of the overlords.

  •     The Royal Bloodline Humans / Cabal / Rulers of our Political-Economical- Military Systems simply follow orders from the LandLords.

  •     The Scientists ( Lizard-Avian ) engineer whatever the overlords want them to... they are the ones doing the genetic manipulation & technological inventions.

  • Many of them have teamed up with the non-android Grays.

Seeing Things as They Truly Are

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Guided Meditation for Being Present

~ by Sara Raymond ~

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