Existence is Consciousness.

Recognize that Consciousness is Who/What You Are. 

 The true soul-consciousness is capable of existing on all dimensions.

The Soul

If you grew up in Western culture, you probably thought of yourself as:

- body / physical self, 

- your mind as mostly your brain circuitry

-  your emotions 

- and finally a "Soul", which exists on another plane of existence, and which is really hard to connect to.


A lot of vague stuff here, isn’t there? 


But maybe it is time to put the old model aside, and let’s think about a new one. 


In this model, you, your entire YOU, are like a string of musical notes, from the lowest, low note to the highest high note. So high and so low, in fact, that you can’t see or hear where they begin or end.


     Another way of looking at your body, mind, & Soul is a continuum of frequencies. 


Frequencies are simply measurements of waves - frequencies are simply “how fast wave wiggles.” 


In fact, all life - everything in our solar system, is made of wave energy at its source. 


You go way beyond your physical body. Your body is just the very edge of the Ultimate You.

     Instead of seeing your body, mind, and soul as three separate and distinct things, instead think of them as gradations of energy along a vast spectrum, existing simultaneously along with this continuum of energy - the Flow.  


These “you's” exist on finer and finer levels, from the outside, visible You (your body) to the inner, invisible You (your mind and spirit). 


Your consciousness is a bridge between these levels.


     The Quantum Zero Point Field Theory provides extraordinary evidence to show that an energy field - The Zero Point Field - connects everything in the universe, and we ourselves are part of this vast dynamic cobweb of energy exchange.  

      It also reveals a radical new biological paradigm - that on our most fundamental level, the human mind and body are not distinct and separate from their environment, but a packet of pulsating energy constantly interacting with this vast energy sea.  

        The Energy Field / Source Energy is responsible for our mind's highest functions - our memory, intuition, creativity.  The Zero Point Field makes all things possible: all things connected in space and time.


Time and space are finite, universal orders.

The communication of the world does not occur in the visible realm but in the subatomic.

Cells and DNA communicate through frequencies.


          The brain perceives and makes its own record of the world in pulsating waves.

Living consciousness is not an isolated entity. It increases order in the rest of the world.

The consciousness of human beings has incredible powers, to heal ourselves, to heal the world – in a sense, to make it as we wish it to be. 

You Exist at All times 

along a Continuum of Energy, 

along with everything else 

in the World.

Soul Contact

Receive a Gift of Light and Energy from your Soul.

Source: www.orindaben.com

Soul Contact - Sanaya Roman
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What is the Soul?

Your Soul IS your Genetics . . . and is a part of the Universal Creative Infinite.  . . . . it is an aspect of a Vast OverSoul, that came into this TIME-SPACE-REALITY, on this Plane / PlaNet - to accompany you - and to GAIN EXPANSION and UNDO the REGRESSION from previous Reality Fields.


    The true soul-consciousness is capable of existing on all dimensions.



  • 1st . . . It’s quite impossible to grasp the origin of Our Being

  • But, since the mind needs something to operate with, I will attempt to give you a visual framework.

  • The 1st Manifestation we mostly define as Source.  The Many diverse versions of Source are called Source Cycles.


  • Source Cycles unfold different ideas from which whole Universe and all life within it take form.


  • The solar system we are part of is one of many minor cradles of life, which were created eons ago by higher developed races. These races had already passed through the many different types of energies, developing energies from a previous scheme, using the consciousness of our evolutionary scheme (the multiverses and universes) and from that had developed a manifold of triadic, dyadic and monadic units, all pulling in consciousness units from the first schematic unified field of consciousness aka the origin of all consciousness in our current evolutionary scheme. 


  • As they completed the transformation and development of the first unified field of consciousness in our scheme, they left us with a transformed unified field of consciousness of “coded”, developed as well as pure consciousness units for us to work within the many-seeded reality fields (universes), they left behind for us to develop. 


  • The idea was for all humans in the cradles of life to pull in, work with and develop from the principles the first races had installed into the transformed unified field of consciousness as well as using the monadic, triadic and dyadic energetic levels of our scheme to develop new lifeforms holding a vast range of consciousness and energy on a monadic, dyadic and triadic level. 

  • These races have been called many names; I refer to them as the Ancient Ones. 


  • However, since they have now moved on into a new evolutionary scheme, developing further what they achieved in our evolutionary scheme, we are now left with the principles of evolution and the consciousness and energetic structures on the triadic, dyadic and monadic levels, we are to unfold in the cradles of life placed all over our evolutionary scheme or multiverse. 



NB  The idea that the "soul" was created by one single source, where-to energy systems are linked up to one big source/ entity, getting energy from the lower parts, and into which all the parts will return when they are done burning off their energy and consciousness inside the artificial and program controlled realities under the "source" is part of some oneness / source is totally a hivemind set up.


     When we state that everything is consciousness within the Unified Consciousness Field. .  . . .  what do we mean?



Does Your Soul hold individuality or is it just a    ~ of energy floating around in the Infinite Ocean of Pure Light, Pure Consciousness, Pure blimp Thoughts ?





Existence is Consciousness.


Recognize that Consciousness is Who/What You Are. 



You are Energy and Consciousness ordered in higher and lower systems of information,

matching outer and inner higher and lower systems of information,

called multi-layered worlds / pockets.

~ Randi Green ~



~    Consciousness units need energy to express existence. Consciousness alone is existence without expression . .  that is a potential state of existence. When consciousness gets in touch with energy waves/ units of fields, it finds a way to express itself through energy as waves, units or fields.  



Your Expansion into the next Evolutionary Soul Cycle is determined by your ability to reclaim & work with your Soul Genetics.


    "  Potential existence and expressed existence work through universes and their developmental cycles, which hold a sort of coding, called principles. The principles are the laws and rules of the potential existence (consciousness units) and expressed existence (energy), which can be unfolded in that universe and thus all universes hold their own set of rules and laws to be followed for all races living there.


This is the reason why we travel to new universes to learn to handle the potentials, the energy there and the principles, these are expressed through. "

~ Randi Green ~

OverSoul Cycles

The Source of Our Being . . .  is part of various forms of expressions, and only represent ONE VERSION of a Source Cycle.  The idea of ONLY ONE main Source is thus incorrect.


  • WE are the extensions of the Core Consciousness Principle governing a Universe


The OverSoul . . . . also called the Super Conscious . . . All descriptions of who/what the OverSoul is are inadequate; the OverSoul is best known through a direct experience of It and cannot be known through the rational mind. 


The OverSoul is the Consciousness that permeates and gives life to the Soul. 


   Your Soul does require your body, mind, and emotions for expression. 

Without Your Body & Personality, Your Soul has no form for its participation in 3D Reality.


Your Spirit/ Soul does interact with You on many levels:

  • Your Soul Is the Life Force that incarnates with You in every Lifetime - It is What Gives You Life.


    When your personality is fully developed, integrated, and evolved, it becomes a tool for your soul to fulfill its goals. 


  • The OverSoul Cycles are the 1st Level where some notion of existence comes into play. OverSoul Cycles qualify as the highest level of our Reality Unfolding the idea of consciousness into something that is able to Unfold as Existence.

  • OverSoul Cycles are to be understood as principles.


  • Everything is consciousness in the Unified Field. The Unified Filed is an extension of the OverSoul Cycles into which the Soul Groups Manifest.


  • Soul Groups Exist as Collectives of Consciousness Units. A Soul ( Consciousness Unit ) enters the Holographic Universe through a Soul Gate. Soul Gates are tunnels between the different Holographic MEtaverses & the Unified Consciousness Field. ( aka... the “ eye of the needle” )


  • OverSoul Cycles divide into Soul Group Cycles... Cycles are eternal and they do as such never begin or end... they UNFOLD . . 

Soul Cycles

  • Soul Groups are collective consciousness units, that has its own duration of possibilities and probabilities to Unfold. When a Soul Group has experienced all of the possibilities and probabilities in a cycle, it progresses into a next Soul Cycle.

  • When a Soul Group is “done”...  ALL of the remaining Units are “lifted” into the next Soul Cycle. ( or at least . . .  that is how it’s supposed to work ).

  • Naturally, SOME of the consciousness Units progress faster than the others, and some of the soul group units sometimes does not make it to the cut, compared to the other units, before the next cycle is instigated from the Soul Group .


  • When a Soul Group “does not make it”, the consciousness Units in that Soul Group are Put on HOLD, until ALL Units are ready to progress into the next Soul Cycle. . . It means the Soul Group is unable to follow the Pull of the Next Cycle and is therefor left behind. The Consciousness Units are pulled back into the Soul Group, and the Soul Group does not unfold into the next evolutionary Cycle but has to WAIT for a new evolutionary cycle that matches the possibilities and probabilities of the Soul Group to unfold its next Step.

Soul Cycles


~ by Randi Green ~

The Reason Why Our Current Soul Cycle has Energy & Consciousness as it's Main Ideas to be Expressed

-   The current Soul Cycle with its OverSoul Cycles & Soul Groups are able to do this because they are pulling on the unfolded Energy from an Earlier Source Cycle, which unfolded the features of

1 - Vibration &

2 - Radiation.


-  That is why our current form holds:

1.   an Organic Form

2.   an Emotional Field: the Vibrational State &

3.  a Mind & Central Nervous System: which is the Radiational Field.


- These types of energies go back to a previous Soul Cycle - old energy, which the current Soul Cycle Consciousness is Transforming. Vibration and Radiation are to merge and Transform by the use of Consciousness.

- The Holographic MEtaverse consists of Vibration & Radiation Fields through Units Called: Light Codes / Flame Codes

What is Consciousness Then in THIS Current Cycle?

-   Consciousness is in this sense then is a refined form of merging Vibrational & Radiation, using your Emotional & Mental Fields.

This meditation will assist you linking with your Soul to experience more Love, Compassion, & Forgiveness for yourself and others. As you blend your Heart Center with your Soul's Heart Center, a beautiful Note of Love Flows out from you, a pure, Harmonious, loving, Magnetic Energy that Heals past hurts and Lifts all life around you.  

Aligning with Your Soul to Express Love as Your Purpose

Aligning with Soul to Express Love - Sanaya Roman
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You can do this by connecting with your soul, opening to receive its love to increase your capacity to love and to express more love, a higher love, in every area of your life. No matter what situation you are in, as you express.

One of the purposes of your soul is to love, to radiate love, to express love, and to change the energies about you by holding a focus of love.


Source: www.orindaben.com

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