Evolving & Expanding Your Consciousness

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    The ocean of consciousness is the source of all matter. 

Existence is Consciousness. 

    We are Energy and Consciousness ordered in many systems of information, matching these systems of information, called multi-layered worlds/pockets.  

    Consciousness units need the energy to express existence. When consciousness gets in touch with energy waves/ units of fields, it finds a way to express itself through energy as waves, units or fields.


 You - As a Vast Consciousness - has the potential to create a life that has great richness & meaning of your own design, progressing and evolving into remembering and knowing how to work with all energy and consciousness, clarity of mind, flowing emotions and a body restored to its natural health.

Sic Itur Ad Astra  Thus You Shall Go to
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     You will experience many opportunities in the Program to meet and come into resonance with your own Expanded State of Consciousness, assisting you in bringing new aspects of yourself into greater expression in your life.


     Throughout the program, you will explore your Infinite Beingness as you exist in other realms & dimensions to realize that your Earth life is only a part of how the vaster “you” is being expressed.


      You will learn how to have consciousness in the Immense Space, a place of no time and space, where you can experience more of your Being than ever before. You will discover you are living within the vast focus of consciousness that is you.

     Most humans today have little high ordered energy to fuel up the higher-ordered system in them.


The Template holds the consciousness units and it uses the lowest ordered system: the mind, brain frequencies/ waves to unfold belief systems and knowledge. Therefore, most humans in our world, have little to none awareness of real consciousness and little to none awareness of the highest ordered system that resides in them, hidden in layers of their internal energy system.  

     This Program will grant you the opportunity to practice expressing the Immense Space and Simultaneous Time-space in various areas of your life and consciousness in ordinary reality.

These journeys assist you in making the transition to new realizations of who you are and have always been in these higher spaces and expressing this realization in your daily life and consciousness.


Consciousness units need energy to express existence.

Consciousness alone is existence, but without expression, it is only potential existence. 

" . . . There comes a time in your life, when you are asked to make a choice . . .  the choice of claiming your life as your own, or simply abide by the circumstances you have been given . . .  there will rise a call from deep within . . . and you will come to stand face to face with your Soul . . . and at that particular moment, you will be asked: are you willing to do what it takes to call yourself back home?

And if you say yes, even as your heart trembles, the braches of the trees will bow down to touch your feet, the winds will howl, the waves will crash to the shores, and the moon will shine her benevolent light on your face . . . and as you stand there, not knowing how, where or when . . . . the path will open up right before your eyes, as you begin to take the journey back to yourself ~ step by step . . . . celebrated & supported by ALL of Existence . . . humming this song: She is Returning, She Is Returning"

Leena Rebekah

When we begin to work with the hidden truths and full understanding of our reality we need the correct reference points to work from.  These reference points are perceptions of reality.

Our reality runs on different time zones, called code streams producing a relative inner perception of reality allowing the holographic template that holds the consciousness units, to unfold into different code streams - using the holographic teaching system.

Entering into higher dimensions of consciousness requires a fundamental shift in perceived time and space.  A Multi-Dimensional Perspective is quite simply the recognition that you are unconstrained by space or time. With this transcendence of perceived space and time, everything about your life and the world around you seems dream-like.

Consciousness is All-There-IS. 

This “All-There-IS” is such a high ordered system that it permeates through all systems. 


    We have all we need within to unfold our full potential as a Free, Awakened, Enlightened Beings. 


It's time to create a shift in the way we think about life, manifest & express these higher spaces into ordinary reality. We are no longer searching for answers, we are instead developing the skills to express our consciousness into forms, conditions & circumstances that honour life.

Expanding & Evolving Your Consciousness . . .

    The ocean of consciousness is the source of all matter. 

Existence is Consciousness. 

    We are Energy and Consciousness ordered in many systems of information, matching these systems of information, called multi-layered worlds/pockets.  

    Consciousness units need the energy to express existence. When consciousness gets in touch with energy waves/ units of fields, it finds a way to express itself through energy as waves, units or fields.

Program Outline

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Holographic Universe I

Is Reality All in the Mind ?

- What is Consciousness?

- What is the Holographic Principle?

" There is a mysterious human Dimension, the recognition of which shatters all our ideas about who and what we are, where we come from and what our mission in this world is.


 This is the realm of Consciousness.​

There is something in us, completely incomprehensible for the Mind - That is LIFE."

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Conscious Awareness

Who Are You Really ?​

- The Revolution of Consciousness

- Awake Awareness if Our Home

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Flames of Alertness

The Ability to See​

- Are we "asleep" ?

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Evolve or Repeat

Expanding the Capacity of the Mind

- The Keys to Break the power of fixed Conditioned Mental Beliefs.

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The Evolution of Consciousness

Going through the Void


- Creating Balance & Flow

- Learning to be HERE NOW !

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Updating the Roles you Play

Presence Beyond Thought

- The Secret: Be Yourself !

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Soul Spirit Talk Angel on Porch Divine P

Spread your Wings and Fly

The Keys to Awakened Consciousness​

- Consciousness is the Ultimate Mystery, but You CAN Discover your "true" Self ?

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Embracing a New Identity

Experiencing the Mind of the "ALL-That-Is"

- Embrace a New Identity

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Being Multi-Dimensional

You and Your Multi-Dimensional Aspects​

- The Forgotten Miracle of Consciousness

- Understanding Brainwaves

Multi-Dimensionality is the ability to directly and consciously access other dimensional realities.  You are Consciousness and have created many Extensive Dimensional Aspects of Yourself quite Creatively. ​

They are Ultimately Intricate.   

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Dimensional Map of Consciousness

The Fabric of the cosmos

"Dimensions" are a means of organizing different planes of existence according to their vibratory rate. Each dimension has certain sets of laws and principles that are specific to the frequency of that dimension. "Consciousness" represents awareness.

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Moving into Higher Consciousness

Awareness, Aliveness, Space

- The Secret of the Inner Voice

- Harmonizing with the 7 Qualities of Will

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Breaking through to a New State of Consciousness

We Have Been There Before

- Let Your Awareness Do the Work

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Deeper Dimensions of Mindfullness

The Meta-Science of Consciousness

- As Above - SO Below

AS Within - So Without

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Reality 101

BE the Flow

Page Under Construction

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Exploring New Levels of Consciousness

Beyond Space & Time

- Living the Consciousness of Spiritual Power

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The Holographic Universe II

A Thin Sheet of Reality

The holographic universe hypothesizes that the physical world we believe is real is in fact illusion. Energy fields are decoded by our brains into a 3D picture, to give the illusion of a physical world. As it turns out there are clues that we are living in virtual reality!​ Or maybe we are a possibility within a quantum fluctuation. Which is why it appears like a simulation, in essence then, it is. It does not prove that we are in one.


Conscious Awareness

Opening Doors of Perception

- Bringing the Unconscious into Consciousness

- Gaining Support of your Sub-Conscious

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Expanding Your Awareness


Page Under Construction

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Exploring Non-Local Consciousness

Entanglement & Consciousness

- Coming Home to an OpenHearted Experience

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The Mystery of Miracles

The Spell of the Moment

- There is Nobody "Out There " but YOU

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Shifting Realities

Become the Change

- Creating the Reality 

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Being True to Yourself

Gaining a Soul Perspective

- The Keys to Uplift Yourself from Ordinary Consciousness

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Expanding & Evolving

Your Consciousness

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