Evolve Body-Mind-Emotions & Soul

To Progress in a Balanced way, ALL Personality aspects must be brought along. When you evolve your various sub-personality aspects, you can Progress as a Soul.

We can grow through Joy, rather than struggle. You can Embrace and Love the Beauty & Perfection of your Being. We can experience ordinary reality as Wonderful & Flowing. 

Shift from Searching to Opening.

You can make significant progress in your Spiritual Growth through embodying and expressing your Authentic Soul- Self, the source of love, light and spiritual power that lies within you.  Spiritual power comes from knowing the truth of any situation. Truth is a very important gift of consciousness to receive from your Soul.  When you realize what a vast consciousness you are, you no longer feel like a small, powerless, separate self.  In this course you will explore the truth that there is only one power, that of the Soul/Source Self. Explore expanded consciousness & experience yourself as a non-physical, eternal, invisible, infinite, unlimited, pure, illuminating light. 


When your Energy is Clear & Freely Flowing Through you,

 you know Who -You -Are.


The veils that have hidden your inner light can fall away, allowing the beauty, love, and goodness within you to flow out into your life. Knowing the greater Self that you are can bring you energy, solutions, opportunities, and all that you need to move forward into your highest future. Knowing your true identity is one of the most life-changing steps you will take on your path of awakening.