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Presented by Edsia van Wyk

" Edsia's work and studies stem from an extensive and varied, always-expanding knowledge base.     Edsia brings to her various fields of expertise more than 30 years experience, working with clients all around the world, Counseling, Mentoring, and Training.  She has Internationally Facilitated Retreats, Counseled, and Lectured at Colleges and Universities. Edsia graduated with 2 Masters Degrees in Theology and a Doctorate in Spiritual Counseling .     She has many years of experience in Complementary Therapies ( Beauty, Spa Therapies & Cosmetology. Make-up Artistry, Massage Therapy & Aromatherapy). In recent years she specialized in Intuitive Spiritual Counseling & Metaphysical ~ Wellness Travel "

Free webinar. We will cover the Following briefly . . .

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