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Existence is worth investigating with Passion, Purpose, and a Sense of Awe.

  • Awakening Your LightBody

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  • LightBody Consciousness

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All Spiritual Growth is a Process of Unfolding & Expanding Consciousness.

This Site is part of the Soul Progression & Expanding Your Consciousness Total Transformation Program offered exclusively by Les Voyages De La Vie ~ The Journeys of Life


You are welcome to use the FREE Lessons and Material on this site for Personal Transformation, Soul Growth & Living a Higher Awareness LifeStyle.


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Woman Ocean Sunset Healing Energy Work S

Experiencing Reality. What it is.

       As you and your abilities and senses of the light body have increased in consciousness, the level of consciousness you will explore at the seminar is beyond what language can explain.

As you go through these portals to realms beyond the earth plane, it allows you to explore the nature of reality and discover more about what it is.  You will be able to experience your life from beyond the earth plane, giving you some interesting and unique perspectives of who you are and what your life is about.


DaBen will transmit to you the energies that will assist you in opening to these spaces whenever you listen. 


     You are expanding consciousness in ways that are beyond visual descriptions, concepts, or specific outcomes. It becomes difficult to convey with words even a beginning sense of the energy and shifts you may experience during the journeys, for each of you will experience these shifts in your own special and individual way.

~ Duane Packer ~

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    Level 1 Courses: Awakening Your Light Body Basic

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The Awakening Your Light Body courses offer a unique path of spiritual awakening through experiential, progressive expansions of consciousness that assist you in directly knowing the truth of your being. 

DaBen and Orin invite you to awaken your light body and experience many higher, expanded states of consciousness that take you beyond thought into direct experiences of beingness.  This is one of the most powerful courses of spiritual growth and transformation that we offer. 

~ ~

What is the LightBody ?

Why Awaken the LightBody ?

    The LightBody is the Human Energy Field that projects our Consciousness through the Holographic Templates into the Interactive Simulation Program - it is an Energy Body that exists at a very fine and high frequency of light.  

     This Holographic Template generates the physical manifestations we experience within this material reality. 

 We are all aware of our physical body.  But we all also have a LightBody - a timeless, energetic essence that connects us to everything in the universe.

The ancient Sages have long learned how to distil and work with this body of light, allowing us to step into the flow of nature, aligning with the consciousness of the Cosmos, and cultivate the seeds of our highest potential. 

     The LightBody is comprised of many interwoven layers of frequencies (light and sound) that make up the Consciousness Intelligence in each dimensional layer that exists. 

Image by Natalya Letunova

Estimated Completion Time of Course

We estimate the completion time of the 6 part course to be a minimum of 6 to 12 months, and many people take a year or longer. 

     You will need at least 2 to 4 weeks to practice the centers in each part and gain some skill with them before learning the centers in the next part.  Once you complete this 6 part course or take it from a Light Body teacher, you are a Light Body graduate and are eligible for all the Graduate Light Body programs.

Upon Enrollment

We ask that you have the intent to finish this 6 part course when you enrol, as your commitment to this course will greatly influence your success in awakening your LightBody. 

DaBen and Orin are very aware of you and are holding a focus and sponsoring you as you go through this course.

   None of the LightBody courses are meant to be therapeutic in nature. They work at another level to take you into higher spaces and to assist you in bringing those spaces back into your ordinary life.​

   Most of the LightBody Journeys is approximately 21-30 minutes each. 

   Each Volume comes with manual with Instructions, Extensive Information & Journaling Pages.


     Our goal is for you to be successful in this course.  Because it is important to understand the LightBody skills we require that you study this 6 part course in a sequence.

 With the completion of all 6 volumes, you are eligible for Graduate LightBody courses:​

☞ When you finish all 6 Parts of this series, you are considered to be a LightBody graduate.

Awakening  & Living Your Body of Light invites you to approach your own life in the spirit of exploring and expanding, beyond anything you've experienced before

I just love the way the program is structured so I could complete all the albums my own time schedule. 

- Cindy Moore

The Awakening your LightBody program was well worth every cent. I have experienced so many insights and shifts during the program, I cannot even begin to list it all.

- Carina Oliver

It was an absolute delight. Thank you so much for this life-changing program.

- Jake Williamson

Awakening Your LightBody

 We are all aware of our physical body.  But we all also have a LightBody - a timeless, energetic essence that connects us to everything in the universe.

The ancient Sages have long learned how to distill and work with this body of light, allowing us to step into the flow of nature, aligning with the consciousness of the Cosmos, and cultivate the seeds of our highest potential. 

 The LightBody is an Energy Body that exists at a very fine and high frequency of light.  The LightBody is the Human Energy Field that projects our Consciousness through the Holographic Templates into the Interactive Simulation Program.    This Holographic Template generates the physical manifestations we experience within this material reality. 



    Level 1 Courses

  • Awakening Your Light Body Basic

    Level 2 Courses

  • LightBody Graduates: Self Exciting

  • Radiance and Filling in the Frequencies

    Level 3 Courses

  • Light Body Consciousness

  • Light Body Intuition / Illumination / Inspiration 

    Level 4 Courses

  • Exploring Infinite Being

  • Light Body Divine Manifesting

  • Light Body Celebrations of Radiance 

  • Light Body Radiance: Building Consciousness 

    Level 5 Courses

  • Luminous Body

  • Light Body Radiance: Self-Exciting

  • Living the Light Body

  • Light Play 

  • Light Body Vision 

  • Light Body Expanded 

AYLB Volume 1 Building Your Power Base

AYLB Volume 1 Building Your POwer Base L

    In Part 1 of the Awakening Your Light Body course, DaBen transmits energy to you to assist you in awakening your first 3 vibrational energy body centers. These centers create the power base of your LightBody (they are not the chakras). DaBen will teach you ways to open your breathing, as well as ways to release stuck emotions that keep you from feeling inner peace.

     Orin will take you on guided journeys to evolve your inner child, release and transform old habits and patterns, and work with the various parts of your personality to prepare for the rapid growth that can occur as you awaken your LightBody.

     If you are open to receive and want their energy, DaBen and Orin will join their energy with yours as you listen to the guided meditations in this course to assist you in awakening your LightBody. When you are ready to begin, you can submit a Request for Part 1 and start the process of transforming your life and consciousness as you experience DaBen and Orin's meditation journeys.

Volume 2: Opening Your Heart Centre

Volume 2 Opening Your Heart Centre Light

     In Part 2 DaBen transmits the frequencies and sounds that open your 4th energy body center, called the Ranthia. This center creates flow and assists you in experiencing love. 

     You will journey with Orin to meet the beings of light who can assist you in your awakening. You will work with them to experience increased love, forgiveness, and compassion for yourself and others. You will clear and release other people's energy from your aura. Orin will guide you to awaken your inner healer, and you will learn more about self-healing.

     As you work with this center, you will learn how to send the power you have been generating in your lower centers up into your higher ones to awaken them. DaBen will show you how to increase the flow of energy in your physical body and how to release muscle pain. You will learn how to use this 4th center and the lower three centers to create a greater sense of physical vitality and to transform the energy of the food you eat. You will explore self-healing and ways to stay neutral around others, discovering more about how to set a healing space for others, awaken your inner healer, and create a sense of greater physical vitality.  DaBen will guide you to work with beings of light who can teach you about love and blending.

Part 3 Activating Your Higher Energy Centers

Volume 3 AYLB Activating Your Higher Cen

     In Part 3 DaBen transmits the sounds and frequencies that activate your 3 higher energy centers. The first 4 centers bring more physical ease and emotional flow and set the foundation for you to have the necessary harmony and flow to open your higher centers.  With this awakening, you can better experience your higher mind, and increase your creativity and ability to find creative solutions to situations. 

     As you work with the upper centers, DaBen will show you how to work with your mental body and connect with the Universal Mind to experience higher, more positive and unlimited thoughts, and to manifest what you want in accordance with the higher purpose of your life.  DaBen will show you how to watch your thoughts as they set up, then add a higher frequency to them. 
     You will explore states of ­consciousness that expand the way you think, bringing illumination, insights, and focused awareness. You can learn to change negative, more limited thoughts into positive, expanded thoughts.  DaBen will take you on journeys through the void, and experience more light. You will learn ways to have a quiet mind and to stop mental chatter.
     Orin will guide you to develop a clearer picture of who you are and what you are here to do as you bring through knowledge from past-lives. You will continue the process of transforming your personality that you began in the first two parts of the course. 

Part 4 Aligning Your Vibrational Energy Bodies

Volum 4 AYLB Aligning Your Vibrational E

     In Part 4, you will learn how to combine certain energy body centers that you have awakened before in this course to create heightened, expanded states of awareness. You can be more aware of subtle, higher energies and learn how to make these energies a part of your life and consciousness. Doing so raises your vibration and can bring you more joy, harmony, peace, balance, flow, supply, and energy. 

     This is a wonderful set of LightBody meditations to use to play with the energy body centers you have learned, using them to experience various states of consciousness.  As you learn new ways to work with the centers, you can quiet your thoughts, have no thoughts, feel energized, and enhance your inner vision and intuitive abilities. You can work with your light body centers to recharge your energy at core, source levels and to feel more harmonized and balanced.

     You will be guided to transform relationships and abundance issues by working on them first as energy. You can learn to create emotional flow and mental fluidity at will as you gain harmony with your seven vibrational energy body centers that awaken your 3 LightBody centers in Part 5.  

Part 5 Awakening Your Light Body

Volume 5 AYLB Awakening Your Light Body.

     In Part 5 DaBen transmits to you the sounds and frequencies that awaken your first 2 LightBody centers. When awakened, these centers can assist you in experiencing states of joy, inner visualizations, feelings, and sensations that are beautiful beyond words.

     Orin will guide you to to view life from the earth's perspective. You will learn how to connect soul-to-soul with loved ones to transform your relationships and to radiate light to others. You can learn how to exist both in this dimension and also be aware of other dimensions you exist in at the same time as your greatly expanded Self.

     You will journey to the Temple of the Masters to clear, purify, and add higher frequencies to your Aura. Learn how to become a source of light, and call to you those who can respond to the light you are radiating–friends, loved ones, students and the beings of light.

Part 6: Becoming Radiant

Volume 6 AYLB Becoming Radiant.jpg

     In the final volume DaBen transmits to you the energies that awaken the final LightBody center. This center is one that opens you to experiences of beauty and harmony as you travel into higher realms. This center regulates, filters, and integrates light as you bring it in from the higher dimensions you can now access. You can become a radiating source of light as you open and work with this center.


     Using the LightBody centers you will journey into the void and explore other dimensions. You will learn how to build the channel upward to your soul so you can experience more of your soul's reality and experience your soul in new ways. 

You will work with your personality to help it hold, in a balanced way, the enormity of the perspective you are gaining of the universe, your soul, your purpose, and the many insights you may have as you experience the universe in new ways.

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